Small Boats Curator

This position is located in San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, in the Cultural Resources and Museum Management Division.

The typical seasonal entry-on-duty period for San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is April-May, but can be variable during these months due to weather conditions, project needs, or funding. Anticipated Entry on Duty: April 2022.

The primary purpose of this position is to perform various specialized work related to the management of the park’s museum collections, specifically small boats, in support of the park’s Museum Program. The incumbent works under the oversight of a higher-graded small craft museum curator (GS-11 or higher) and is supervised by the Preservation Branch Manager.

  • Use analytical skills to seek and assemble creative solutions to repair or treat museum collections and small boats.
  • Work with museum staff to find solutions to preservation issues related to outdoor exhibits.
  • Monitor and provide access to visitors wanting to view small craft on display.
  • Research, history of small boats to ensure proper and accurate care, repair, or treatment of small boats.
  • Work with woodworking tools within a shop environment, adhering to all safety protocols and procedures.
  • Research and write text for museum plans, policies and procedures.
  • Work with fellow staff members to produce educational programs utilizing a variety of production equipment (including pre-production planning, coaching for effective on-screen performance, and developing final products).
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