Objects Conservator, H.L. Hunley

The Conservator will assist with the conservation of objects and collections managed by the WLCC as well as the H.L. Hunley submarine (1864) and its associated artifacts. The conservator will work closely with the conservation, archaeological, historic preservation, and scientific teams towards the conservation and maintenance of materials and collections under the WLCC care.


40% – Essential – Conduct established conservation procedures including examination and treatment of artifacts of a variety of materials and contexts.

25% – Essential – Collaborate with other staff on large scale artifact documentation, treatment, storage and display development activities. Participate in grant applications and funding opportunities.

15% – Essential – Organize, produce and maintain reports of treatments, updates on project status, and dissemination of conservation work. Maintain laboratory upkeep and assist in the ordering of supplies, equipment and maintenance and inventory of materials.

10% – Essential – Identify conservation problems, implement solutions under established conservation guidelines, and make recommendations for resolving difficult or unusual problems in conservation of artifacts.

10% – Essential – Participate in outreach events and the development of teaching opportunities. Conduct tours and give lectures as assigned.


Education – Master’s Degree in the Cultural heritage field. A Master’s degree in Conservation is preferred. 
Experience – 3 years specialized experience in materials conservation. Applicants must have a broad knowledge of conservation and stabilization techniques of objects conservation and the skills to apply this knowledge to complex materials of all sizes. This position requires general knowledge of organic and inorganic chemistry, a good understanding of materials science, and experience in the use of standard and more complex laboratory equipment.

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