The Naval History & Heritage Command (NHHC) Underwater Archaeology Branch (UA) requires a wooden scale model of the remaining timbers and planks from the wreck of Revolutionary War-era schooner Royal
Savage. The wreck remains have been 2D documented, 3D scanned, and virtually reassembled by NHHC-UA. The next step is a physical scaled wooden model of the wreck timbers. The wreck model will be used to confirm
and solidify the virtual reassembly, develop a plan to reassemble the actual conserved wreck timbers for exhibit, and, since little to no information survived about the construction of the ship, the model will add to the historical
record and understanding of naval shipbuilding of the era.

In addition to supporting the UA mission to study, preserve, and protect the Navy’s shipwrecks, the model supports the broader NHHC initiative to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Revolutionary War and the founding of the U.S. Navy in 2026.

If funding is available in later fiscal years, a second objective is to develop and build a scaled wooden reconstruction model of the schooner as it was during the Revolutionary War.

This will be used for exhibit, archeological research and interpretation, outreach, and education.

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