NPS Archaeologist

This position is located in Everglades National Park, in the Cultural Resources Division.

This position is open to the first 100 applicants or until 09/07/2021 whichever comes first. All applications submitted by 11:59 (EST) on the closing day will receive consideration.

This position involves the following duties:

  • Is responsible for the preparation of historic preservation documentation, compliance, and background materials for clearances, permits, licenses, etc., as required by Section 106 and Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), Archeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA), NPS Management Policies, and cultural resources management guideline for planning and construction projects that involve cultural resources for all park undertakings. Recommends, plans for, and executes archeological investigations required to meet NHPA, ARPA, NPS guidelines, and the research needs of the parks.
  • Incumbent designs, implements, and supervises multi-phased archeological projects involving documentary, archival, and collections research; field investigations (both survey and excavation); laboratory analysis of recovered data; and professional report writing.
  • Incorporates appropriate GIS technology into job to provide comprehensive and scientifically sound answers to inquiries from managers and others. Uses automatic methods of data collection, analysis or illustration. Inputs data into digital form and uses computer applications for data analysis, manipulation, and presentation.
  • Develops work plans and schedules, scopes of work, cost estimates, and proposals and/or grants to justify funding requests and to accomplish goals. Administers and tracks project funds and prepares accomplishment reports, as needed. Maintains awareness of applicable funding sources within NPS and outside.
  • Interprets heritage and cultural resources to public and professional contacts through presentations at professional conferences, visitor facilities, professional journals, etc.
  • Develops contract specifications for heritage and cultural resource work and acts as COR or inspector on such contracts.
  • Develops and implements projects related to stewardship enhancement and public interpretation of heritage and cultural resources, such as partnership agreements and site steward programs.
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