DPAA Historian


Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency is responsible for oversight of the entire process for investigating and recovering missing persons (including matters related to search, rescue, escape, and evasion) and the accounting for missing persons (including locating, recovering and identifying missing persons or their remains after hostilities have ceased).

Incumbent typical work assignments may include the following:

  • Sets, conveys, and enforces standards and procedures for research and case development.
  • Serves as historical advisor and professional consultant for DPAA conducting historical studies; obtaining, collecting, analyzing, exploiting, and integrating all available historical evidence and information; interpreting military history in the context of U.S. military and civilian personnel; establishing historical facts based upon research conducted; and grouping historical facts along with determining interrelationships to search, recover, and identify unaccounted-for persons from past conflicts.
  • Researches historical records and investigative leads to identify information requirements and gaps to satisfy during field investigations and disinterments.
  • Acts as the lead in developing historical information and regional strategies to directly support casualty investigations and search and recovery missions.
  • Possesses an understanding of the geography and flow of battle, casualty evacuation processes, remains recovery activities, and remains handling and processing procedures.
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