Postdoc in Archaeology: Submerged Stone Age Heritage

We are now offering a two-year Postdoc position to investigate the research potentials of “Blue Frontiers Archaeology” within the wider Kattegatt region. Rising sea levels and other shoreline adjustments after the end of the last Ice Age drowned human landscapes in many world regions. Some of the best-studied submerged landscapes have been discovered in southern Scandinavia, and record the important cultural and environmental developments that shaped the Stone Age societies of the Late Pleistocene and early Holocene. In recent years, growing collaborations with Aarhus University in Denmark have explored the rich opportunities presented by submerged archaeological heritage. The Postdoc will be tasked with building deeper momentum in this strategic research theme. The goal for the postdoc is to “activate” this area’s rich bio-cultural heritage by integrating currently available data and completing a new synthesis that will define a new generation of research questions that can be addressed by application of new and existing methods and approaches.

The first year will involve working with team members in Lund and Aarhus to generate a new synthesis of existing archaeological, paleo-environmental and other proxy data from the Kattegatt region. These results should also be embedded in improved spatial, chronological and geological frameworks. The focus of the second year has deliberately been left more open, enabling the candidate to explore new research themes and questions, including application of new technical and methodological developments, ranging from biomolecular scales through to larger-scale GIS modelling of evolving sites, networks and landscapes. The second year will also involve submission of large- and medium-sized funding proposals.

Applicants trained in archaeology, ideally with knowledge of neighbouring disciplines, and possessing some familiarity with GIS, combined with the capacity to address archaeological and cultural questions from a holistic and inter-disciplinary perspective, are particularly encouraged to apply. Detailed knowledge of the Stone Age prehistory of southern Scandinavia and surrounding regions is a prerequisite.

Teaching, supervision and other administrative duties comprise a maximum of 20 % of the position.

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