DPAA Underwater Archaeologist


Incumbent typical work assignments may include the following:

  • Serves as a professional archeologist providing professional and scientific leadership to DPAA and OSD organizations.
  • Provide expert advice to DPAA teams in all the phases (Phase I, II and III) for military aircraft crash sites, underwater sites, ground losses, and burials.
  • Represents DPAA laboratory leadership in meetings with other government officials, to include foreign governments for purposes of planning recovery and investigative operations.
  • Mentors junior archaeologists and provides training to all laboratory staff in the area of forensic archaeology and other areas of expertise.
  • Maintains a continuous liaison with other OSD agencies, other service headquarters counterparts, and DOD offices to integrate Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency plans with other defense agencies.

You may qualify at the GS-13 level, if you fulfill the following qualification requirement:
One year of experience in the same or similar work equivalent to at least the next lower grade level (GS-12) requiring application of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the position being filled. Candidates for this position must clearly demonstrate in their resume that they possess specialized experience in: using knowledge of analytical procedures and techniques to develop both preliminary (using raw survey data) and final (using post-processed data) underwater archaeological field reports and site maps, and integrating these reports and maps into a geographic information system framework; applying knowledge of underwater environments to conduct archaeological remote-sensing surveys, investigations, testing, evaluations, and excavation operations.

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