PhD in Archeology – Ship technology in the Iron Age and Viking Period

The PhD-project will deliver important contributions to the research on boat and ship technology in the Iron Age and the Viking Period, and explore connections between maritime-technological innovations in Rogaland and geopolitical conditions. The project is a part of the research project «Maktens havn» (“Harbour of power”) ( The ships from the gravemounds Storhaug and Grønhaug make up a key material to understand the development of ship technology as a precondition for the Viking Period. Studying the ships together with other boat parts from wetland depositions and burial finds in Rogaland, allows for an investigation of the hypothesis that the region was an important hub for innovation in maritime technology. The regional dataset needs to be placed in an international context and be compared with boat finds from other regions in Norway and Northern Europe.

To increase knowledge of find categories that until now have not been subject to much research in Rogaland, the PhD-project should provide an overview of boat parts from the region. This comprises new documentation of boat parts as textual descriptions and by 3D-scanner, creating models for reconstructions, as well as dating boat parts. The work requires experience with research on archaeological boat parts and skills in performing 3D-documentation. Since existing documentation and contextual information exists in Norwegian only, the applicant must have a high command of Scandinavian languages.

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