Archaeological Conservators

NTNU University Museum is seeking one to two archaeological conservators to join its Conservation Laboratory in the Department of Archaeology and Cultural History.

The conservator’s main tasks are to take care of the museum’s archaeological collections through active and preventive conservation and to fully contribute to the ongoing activities of the museum’s Conservation Laboratory.

The principle task of Post A is the conservation of organic archaeological material. For Post B, the principle task is the conservation of inorganic archaeological material with special emphasis on metal artefacts. The filling of Post A is prioritised.

Both posts require analyses and documentation using digital X-radiography and XRF as well as report production. Additional tasks include condition assessment of objects in connection with storage, and incoming and outgoing loans, as well as advice and care / installation of objects associated with exhibition activities at the museum. An overall assessment of the applicants’ competence, judged in light of the current competencies of the Conservation Group, will determine whether one or two positions are offered.

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