Consultancy (Writer/Editor) for an information brochure on Underwater Cultural Heritage protection

Under the overall authority of the Director of UNESCO Regional Bureau for Sciences in the Arab States in Cairo and the direct supervision of the Programme Specialists for Culture, the Individual Consultant will develop a text in English (up to 20 pages) and identify visual materials (20 photos) to produce a reader-friendly information brochure to introduce the fundamentals of the maritime and underwater archaeology and the UCH Convention to key stakeholders in the Arab region, including national and local authorities, terrestrial archaeologists, archaeology students, and the sports diving community. The information brochure highlights the linkages between the UCH protection and management and sustainable development. And the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The text and photos produced under this assignment will be translated into the Arabic for further dissemination in the region.

In this regard, the consultant shall perform the following;

  1. Conduct desktop research to identify the past and existing information/communication and educational materials and other relevant documents to develop a draft text and determine key messages for the information brochure which will cover the following aspects; 
  • Examples of maritime and underwater heritage in the Arab region in different categories, including ancient harbours, submerged landscapes, fish traps, shipwrecks, etc. as well as associated knowledge/skills such as seafaring, shipbuilding, oral histories, rituals and social practices;
  • Highlights of success stories and projects in the UCH protection and management for sustainable development in the region;
  • Basic principles of the UNESCO UCH Convention and UNESCO Code of Ethics for Diving on Submerged Archaeological Sites[1];
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