RFP: Maritime Washington NHA

Scope of Work
Contractor or firm will create, host, and monitor an interactive online map of the Maritime
Washington National Heritage Area (MW-NHA) to assist with public engagement efforts during
the development of a Management Plan for the heritage area. This map will serve as a tool for
public input and will assist in the updating of an existing maritime resources survey.

The contractor will create an online map of the MW-NHA using GIS mapping software (ArcGIS
StoryMap or similar) and populate it with locations of known maritime resources provided by the
Washington Trust for Historic Preservation (WTHP). The map will allow users to add their own
locations, along with information and resources about those places such as descriptions, links,
photos, and documents. Throughout the development of this map, the contractor will work
closely with WTHP staff to determine the exact layout, functionalities, and appearance of the
interactive map.

The contractor will host this map using their own GIS platform for the duration of the MW-NHA
Management Plan public input period, removing disruptive comments as they arise.
After the conclusion of the public input period, the contractor will create maps of the area for
inclusion in the MW-NHA Management Plan. The content, style, and specifications for these
final maps will be developed in close coordination with WTHP staff but will include, at minimum,
overview and regional maps of the MW-NHA with visual representation of maritime resources
submitted during the engagement process.

WTHP will retain ownership of the data collected through the interactive mapping process and
contractor would provide WTHP with the export data (including geocoded data, descriptions,
and other items provided by users) at the conclusion of the contract.
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