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Program Safety Officer – Dive Program

The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami is seeking a Program Safety Officer to manage the Scientific Diving Program.  Under guidance from the UM Diving Control Board and supervision of the Director of Scientific Diving and Boating Program, the Diving Safety Officer is responsible for the daily administration of the scientific diving program.  The successful candidate must have the ability to work effectively and efficiently with a wide variety of faculty, students, staff, and scientists from diverse backgrounds and with various research diving needs, as well as possess a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of equipment, both scientific and dive related, and be capable of evaluating equipment for safety, functionality, and effectiveness in various situations and conditions. 

The ideal candidate will ensure compliance with all pertinent state, federal, community, and the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) standards and regulations covering operations, methods, safety, hazards, and procedures; have a thorough understanding of risk management and legal issues as they pertain to the Scientific Diving Program’s operation; will conduct full semester scientific diving courses, and supervise UM diver evaluation and training including coordinating and conducting scientific diver instruction and certification, diving safety and rescue training, diving accident management, and specialty diving courses for faculty, staff, and students. 

The Diving Safety Officer will also provide UM scientists direction and assistance for field research, operational support during shipboard and land based diving, project preparations and planning, emergency and contingency planning, and on-site evaluation, supervision, and management; evaluate divers, dive plans, diving conditions, sites, appropriate equipment and methods, and a range of variables for each project and dive to be conducted and will repair, maintain and track the scientific diving program’s inventory including regulators, tanks, compressors, and specialty equipment.

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree and a recreational open water instructor certification from a nationally accredited training agency are required.  Must be a current scientific diver and first aid/CPR instructor; Must be knowledgeable of methods, procedures, policies and practices as outlined in the AAUS and the OSHA scientific diving exemption standards; must be knowledgeable of federal, state and local diving rules and regulations; knowledgeable in planning diving expeditions local and abroad, aboard ships and shore based, and project planning;  must be knowledgeable in the application of a variety of underwater scientific data collection techniques for a variety of scientific disciplines.

A Master’s Degree with professional background in marine sciences is preferred as well as experience in cave and technical diving.

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