Research Assistant, Curtin University

We are currently recruiting a new team of researchers, funded by an Australian Research Council grant and led by Associate Professor Andrew Woods, to develop software workflows that can be used to recreate significant underwater cultural heritage sites, such as shipwrecks, in immersive underwater virtual heritage experiences.

The team will use photogrammetric 3D reconstruction techniques to generate complex digital 3D models of shipwreck sites from hundreds of thousands of underwater images.  This will allow vivid experiences to be created, which explain the stories of shipwrecks, including HMAS Sydney (II) and HMAS AE1.

In collaboration with the Western Australian Museum and the Australian National Maritime Museum, the project will also conduct audience engagement studies to recommend the most appropriate methods to implement underwater virtual heritage experiences for Australian audiences.

We have an exciting opportunity for a Research Assistant to join the team and assist with the development and testing of software for large-scale photogrammetric 3D reconstruction processing that will run on the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre’s machines. You will be joining a team that has already achieved impressive results working on shipwreck datasets including Kyrenia (300 BC), VOC ship Batavia (1629), Santo Antonio de Tanna (1697), James Matthews (1841), Rouse Simmons (1868), HMAS AE1 (1914), HMAS Sydney (II) (1941) and HSK Kormoran (1941).

More information about the project, and other positions available on this project, is available here:

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