The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Alaska Regional Office, Navigability Section, seeks cost proposals to enter into a contract for the research of historical use of water bodies in Alaska and a work product containing the information outlined in this SOW.

The party providing this service will draft reports[1] summarizing the historical use of selected hydrologic regions in Alaska, depending on the funding available and the cost to provide these summaries of historical use. The hydrologic regions are included in Appendix A. The summaries will be used by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to assist with administrative determinations of navigability. The prioritization of water bodies needing historical use research is dynamic, and the contractor should expect to consult with BLM regarding the priority of a given waterbody before starting on any report.

The deliverable should contain an analysis of the water bodies (and segments) of hydrologic regions that were historically used for travel, focusing on use before and until Alaska statehood (January 3, 1959). It is important to broadly include information for context of use. At a minimum, the report should contain the type of watercraft used, the segment or water body in which the use occurred, notes of use elsewhere in the state if applicable, earliest date of use, latest date of use, notes as needed, a reference to the source used, and a copy of the source. Digital submissions are sufficient.

[1] These reports prepared by the contracted historian will summarize the historical use of the selected water body, but they will not serve as a final navigability determination. BLM reserves that decision.

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