PhD in underwater robotics and sensors in marine archaeology

The NTNU University Museum is seeking a highly qualified, ambitious and motivated candidate for a PhD position in marine archaeology and technology.

This position is a fixed term, full time (100 %) position for 3 years starting 1 September 2020.

The PhD candidate will be part of an interdisciplinary research collaboration between the Department of Archaeology and Cultural History, NTNU Applied Underwater Robotics Laboratory (AUR-Lab) and the Center for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS) at the Department of Marine Technology.

The PhD candidate will have access to AUR-Lab infrastructure, which includes several AUVs and ROVs with a range of different sensors.

The purpose of this PhD project is to contribute with new methods and knowledge towards a better integration of technology and marine archaeology, a strategic goal of the University Museum. The candidate must be prepared to participate in cruises and operations at sea.

Our research has civilian objectives. However, equipment restricted by export licenses and ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) is being used in the research areas listed above. Applicants that are citizens of Norway, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, EU or NATO countries are eligible. Other applicants are required to provide evidence of eligibility to use such equipment for their application to be considered.

You will report to Head of Department.

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