Preservation & Curatorial Intern, SS United States Conservancy (Philadelphia, PA)

The SS United States Conservancy, a national nonprofit organization founded in 2004, is dedicated to protecting, revitalizing, and promoting the historic ocean liner SS United States, the largest passenger ship ever built in America and current holder of the transatlantic speed record. “America’s Flagship” transported four U.S. presidents, business moguls, movie stars, tourists, artists and authors, and immigrants, and the vessel is one of the sole surviving iconic ocean liners from the golden age of trans-Atlantic travel.

The SS United States Conservancy purchased the SS United States in February of 2011 and is currently working to secure her future as a mixed-use, stationary development which will include a SS United States museum. The Conservancy is moving full speed ahead on its goals of building its permanent collection of archives, art, and artifacts from the SS United States. Our dedicated staff is always diligently exploring how to best preserve, celebrate, and disseminate the range of items in the Conservancy’s collections through not only various social media platforms but also through unique opportunities and partnerships with museums, institutions, and other organizations.

Guided by a prominent board of directors and advisory council, the Conservancy currently has a small team based in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York. The organization has members hailing from all 50 states and 22 nations worldwide.

For more information about the organization and its mission, visit

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