NHHC Historian


You will serve as a Supervisory Historian, acting as the Section Head Historian, at the NAVAL HISTORY AND HERITAGE COMMAND (NHHC).

  • You will serve as the principle advisor to the Branch Head and Deputy Branch Head on historical scholarship and policy.
  • You will direct and lead the research and analytical products created by one of three sections within the Histories Branch.
  • You will serve as the immediate supervisor, with a focus on junior and/or newly hired historians, responsible for training, tracking pay and leave issues, making annual employee evaluations, and recommending performance personnel actions.
  • You will develop and oversee future research planning and execution.
  • You will plan, research, and prepare original studies, monographs, briefings, and booklets that furnish detailed historical background to Navy issues and provide historical support to naval activities.
  • You will assign, review, and provide responses to external and internal historical inquiries.
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