CFP: Underwater Archaeology Symposium

Call For Papers – International Mustafa V. Koç Underwater Archaeology Symposium Mrs. Caroline Koç, wife of Mustafa Koç, is kindly supporting this event. To make this symposium memorable, we have invited leading nautical archeologists from around the globe to speak, including Cemal Pulak as Keynote speaker (Uluburun Bronze-age shipwreck), Frederick Hocker (Vasa), Jim Bruseth (La Belle), Kroum Batchvarov (Black Sea shipwreck survey project), Ufuk Kocabaş (Yenikapı shipwrecks), Hakan Öniz (newly discovered Bronze-age shipwreck), Taras Pevny (Dnieper River and Kozak shipwrecks), President of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Deborah Carlson (Kızılburun shipwreck), Irena Radic Rossi (Gnalic shipwreck), Deborah Cvikel (Ottoman shipwrecks in Israeli waters from 18th-19th centuries), Stella Demesticha (Mazotos shipwreck), Alexandre Belov (Shipwrecks of Heraklion), Mladen Pesic (Underwater excavations of the ancient Roman port in Sukosana near Zadar).

In addition to the keynote and invited speakers, academics and researchers wishing to participate in the symposium are asked to prepare an abstract of 400 words or less and submit it via e-mail to the symposium secretary, Ay Sanem Yükselsoy Tekcan , at no later than March 30, 2020. All abstracts will be evaluated by the scientific committee of the organization and a final list of participants will be posted by April 30, 2020. During the evaluation process, emphasis will be given to new projects and previously unpublished subjects. Students of nautical, maritime, and underwater archaeology are strongly encouraged to participate in the symposium, preferably with new research or previously unstudied subjects.

Presentation time is limited to 20 minutes. Keynote and invited speakers presentation times are limited to 30 minutes. Presentations will be published in a symposium proceedings and all invited speakers and participants are expected to submit publishable papers at the end of the symposium (10.000 words, 10 images maximum).

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