Underwater Archaeologist

We are looking for an archeologist able to come work to Portugal, Algarve.

The work is for a underwater archaeologist to follow-up dredging interventions, meaning that they have to be responsible for the reports.

Kind regards,

Andreia Romao

The conditions are:
– Type of intervention: follow-up of dredging.
– Position: director / co-direction
– Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 am / 5:30 pm, from June 3 to June 30
– Fees: € 1800
– Freeland.
– We have a house in Alvor
– We need a document saying that he/she can secure the work, a letter of recommendation (for example) and academic certificate ratings
– As a responsible archaeologist, he/she must possess adequate technical-scientific training, experienceability to decide, he/she will have to have a good knowledge and control of the project. Ensure the archaeological supervision of the project with minimal damage to its development.

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