2019 Scientific Diver Course

Highly recommend getting your AAUS cert if you can swing the cost and the time.


LUMCON AAUS Science Diver Field Course

The Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium will be offering a two week AAUS scientific diver field course, July 21- August 02, 2019. The course is open to the public and researchers needing scientific diver training. The course will meet 8-10 hours daily during the two week period and will include academic course work and testing, pool training in emergency response and diving techniques, and at least 12 dives aboard LUMCON research vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. Diving will be focused on inshore low visibility conditions and offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Participants are required to reside at LUMCOM during the course and must complete all course prerequisites before arrival. Cost is $1600 all inclusive, except for transportation to and from LUMCON. An application and list of prerequisites can be requested by email though dso@lumcon.edu or mconover@lumcon.edu

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