Post Grad Opportunity in Maritime Archaeology

Flinders University – Archaeology and History, situated in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS), offers a vibrant research and teaching environment. CHASS has recently appointed two new academic staff in Archaeology, Dr Mike Morley and Dr Ania Kotarba, to expand capacity in the areas of archaeological science, Classical and Indian Ocean archaeology, maritime archaeology and human evolutionary studies.

We are now seeking high-achieving postgraduate research students (Masters and PhD) with a background in archaeology, ancient history, archaeological science, oceanography, Quaternary environments, marine and environmental science, with a focus on:

· Coastal and maritime archaeology,

· Mediterranean, Near Eastern, wider-Indian Ocean (including Eastern and Southern African, South Arabian and South Asian) archaeology and ancient history

· Cultural Heritage management and protection

· Human evolution and Pleistocene dispersals

· Landscape archaeology and human-environment interactions

· Geoarchaeology and Microarchaeology

We are open to helping devise new topics to suit a student’s particular interests so please get in touch. We have a number of options for funding so please contact us to discuss.
Contact Flinders University.

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