3 Posts for CITiZAN Coastal and InterTidal Archaeology

MOLA are seeking to recruit a team of experienced, dynamic and driven specialists in intertidal and community archaeology to deliver six CITiZAN Discovery Programmes as part of a new 3 year HLF funded project. The list below lays out the office and project locations for the three posts:
• 1x post at the CBA Offices, York (job ref: CITSCA0219N)
• 1x post at the NAS Offices, Portsmouth (job ref: CITSCA0219S)
• 1x post at MOLA London office (job ref: CITSCA0219L)

CITiZAN Discovery Programmes 2019-2021
CITiZAN (the Coastal &  InterTidal Zone Archaeological Network) addresses the damaging effects of climate change, rising sea levels, extreme storms and increased tidal scour on our coast and particularly on archaeological features exposed to such unremitting erosion. Key project partners are The Crown Estate, The National Trust, Historic England, Nautical Archaeology Society and The Council for British Archaeology.



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