Proposals for the conservation and the promotion of the Italian upper Adriatic traditional shipyard heritage and maritime archaeological heritage

The research fellow will have to support the coordinator of the Interreg Arca Adriatica project (9 months) in all its phases. In particular, he/she will have to contribute to: – Constitute in Venice a Center of Excellence; – Contribute to the editing of a Master Plan (with Action plans) for the development of the cultural tourism; – to collect and process the cultural contents for the creation of digital products for an “Interpretation center” of the Venetian traditional shipbuilding; – to organize an Academy of the Old Crafts and Skills, that is a program of activities of dissemination of the maritime cultural heritage; Regarding the Interreg Underwater Museum project (3 months), the research fellow will have to collaborate with activities of underwater documentation on some Adriatic shipwrecks and to the creation of a web GIS of the Adriatic underwater sites.

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