Underwater Cultural Heritage Funding

Shared Underwater Cultural Heritage | Call for Proposals 2019

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Canberra, Australia
welcomes project proposals for initiatives focusing on Dutch-Australian underwater cultural heritage to be initiated in 2019.

Dutch-Australian Underwater Cultural Heritage

The Dutch explored the Australian coastline more than 150 years before James Cook and the two nations have worked together on maritime heritage for more than 40 years, culminating in the highly successful 2016 celebrations of the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog’s landing on the Australian continent. As far back as 1606, Dutchman Willem Janszoon and his crew on the Duyfken made the first European landing on the Australian continent. Many Dutch explorers, including Dirk Hartog and Abel Tasman, followed. Some of the Dutch journeys to Australia did not end well. So far, four Dutch shipwrecks have been found in Australian waters, including the Batavia and the Zuytdorp, others  are still missing.

Recent examples of Dutch-Australian cooperation on underwater cultural heritage are the search for the Fortuyn, a Dutch East India company ship that was lost in 1724, and the Shipwrecks of the Roaring 40s’ project, which aims to reinvestigate the sites and previously excavated finds of the oldest European shipwrecks lost on the West-Australian coast, including the famous Dutch East Indiamen Batavia, Zeewijk, Zuytdorp and Vergulde Draeck with the newest technologies and methodologies.



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