Underwater Archaeologist


As an archaeologist for Colbr Consulting Inc. the selected candidate will be required to hold permits and conduct archaeological impact assessments (AIA’s) within New Brunswick and other Atlantic provinces. AIA’s will include mechanical testing of large scale sites, small scale sites, and wet sites (wetlands, bogs and marshes). Underwater archaeological surveys, pedestrian surveys, manual testing, excavation, geophysical and remote sensing surveys, as well as desk-based research will also be part of the many tasks involved in the archaeologist role. The archaeologist will be responsible for the preparation and design of AIA’s prior to entry into the field as well as Archaeological Field Research Permit (AFRP) applications. Once in the field, the archaeologist will act as project manager and supervise all archaeological aspects of the project. This includes supervision of archaeological field technicians or mechanical crews. The archaeologist will be responsible for collecting and archiving all field data daily and adapting the project plan accordingly based on findings. Furthermore, the archaeologist will be responsible for the proper closing of a project which includes, but is not limited to, site restoration, demobilization, and writing the final report for submission to the client and to the regulatory body.

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