The Department of Historic Resources is seeking to fill one Conservator position for a two-year project focusing on the retreatment of the Betsy.

The Agency was awarded a National Maritime Heritage Grant by the National Park Service to focus on the re-treatment of the Betsy, a ship scuttled during the Revolutionary War. The selected individual will work under the direction of the full-time Conservator focusing on the re-treatment of the organic artifacts from the Betsy with the goal being to stabilize these objects and make them available for exhibition and research. Betsy is an important survival from the American Revolution and is frequently requested for exhibitions. About half of the ship and its contents survive and are in the collections at the Agency. Essential duties will consist of: developing a plan for the re-treatment of large amounts of organic materials; determine the best course of treatment for the artifacts and perform this treatment; research and recommend supplies required for the treatment; work with volunteers and interns; perform outreach activities such as: presenting papers at professional conferences, preparing artifacts for loan, blogging or other social media about the project, and other activities. THIS POSITION IS A GRANT FUNDED POSITION FOR TWO YEARS, LIMITED TO 1500 HOURS PER YEAR AND IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR STATE BENEFITS.

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