QAR Conservator

he QAR Conservator will be an archaeological conservation professional and will have training and experience in the conservation of archaeological materials preferably from a marine environment from recovery through to conservation of collections once transferred to a museum. The employee will work cooperatively with the OSA QAR Project team and with other DNCR staff, partners, and volunteers. The QAR Conservator will undertake all aspects of documentation (including photography and illustration), examination, conservation, analysis, and study of archaeological artifacts recovered from a marine underwater environment, from recovery in the field to conservation as needed after transfer to the museum. Duties will include but not be limited to: first aid and documentation of recovered artifacts, examination and assessment of artifacts including by x-radiography; treatment of artifacts and analytical samples recovered from a marine environment using established and approved methods; maintenance and operation of conservation lab facilities and equipment; compliance with DNCR and ECU environmental health and safety requirements; maintaining written, computer and photographic documentation of artifacts and their treatments; assessment reports on condition of artifacts; preparation of archive (artifacts and records for transfer to museum); supervision and training of student interns and volunteers; participation in public education and outreach activities, such as lab tours, presentations, seminars, and web site. The QAR Conservator should have the ability to work as part of a team and cooperatively with others. Have good oral and written communication skills for professional, as well as public audiences at education and outreach activities, including training and supervising students and interns. The QAR Conservator will be a member of the QAR Lab team in Greenville, NC, located at East Carolina University’s West Research Campus. The QAR Conservator will report to the QAR Lab Director/Chief Conservator (Archaeology Supervisor).

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