Marine Remote Sensing Analyst: Bristol

As a result of several recent project awards, our client is expanding the current team located in Bristol, UK. They are looking for a Marine Remote Sensing Analyst to join their experienced and motivated team. This role is critical to ensuring delivery of data to very high-quality standards. The successful candidate will be a meticulous, organised, ambitious team player, with the ability to work under their own initiative. The Marine Remote Sensing Analyst will have significant experience in utilising state-of-the-art software to classify and extract information from very high resolution multi-spectral satellite imagery, with proven measures of data quality being a constant consideration.

As a Marine Remote Sensing Analyst, you will support the Production Director in developing new products derived from very high resolution multi-spectral satellite imagery (for example, bathymetry and sea floor classification), and ensuring that such products can be output to specified quality levels and within set time frames. Our client is looking for a candidate with a proven eye for detail and the necessary technical skills and experience to fulfil an integral team role.


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