Vietnam Maritime Archaeology Project 2018 Field Season

Vacancies exist for the VMAP Terrestrial Project (no diving) April 2018. More information now at hand. The team will be assisting Dinh Thanh Nga with her MA at Son Hao, exploring Cong Cai to gain an understanding of the area and carry out mapping and continue surveying the sand dunes on the eastern side of Quan Lan Island to investigate pre-historic sites. The team will consider visiting sites in the Thang Loi commune.
VMAP is calling for expressions of interest by those who would like to participate in field work in Vietnam in early April 2018 (Dates to be determined but likely first 2 weeks of April).

WHERE: Following successful field work at Son Hao on Quan Lan Island in the Quang Ninh province, the team will be exploring the Cong Cai area and nearby islands searching for potential sites for future field work as well as the work outlined above.
This investigation will be conducted by archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology (IA) of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences of Vietnam in association with VMAP archaeologists and participants.

COSTS: Participants will be expected to arrange and pay for their visa for Vietnam as well as travel insurance and pay for their own airfares to and from Hanoi, Vietnam. Participants will pay a participation fee of US$1,000 or AUD$ 1,200 or 800 Euros. This will be used to cover on-the-ground expenses such as ground and ferry transport, accommodation and food as well as making a contribution to the fieldwork costs. An additional fee may be imposed to cover the costs of boat transport around the islands. This additional fee has not been determined. VMAP is currently seeking a sponsor/benefactor to assist with this expense.

PREREQUISITES: This will be a small team. Participants must be physically fit, have an adventurous spirit, be prepared to work under challenging conditions and have a passion for Vietnamese maritime heritage and archaeology.

The Project Co-ordinator will be archaeologist Bob Sheppard (Heritage Detection Australia in Western Australia). Participants should send an email expression of interest attaching an electronic copy of their cv (as a pdf or in Word format with a maximum of 4 pages) to:

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