Research Fellow: Underwater and Battlefield Archaeology

DPAA’s Strategic Partnerships (SP) Directorate, in coordination with other agency sections, has implemented a nationwide Educational Research (Hub & Spoke) program activity to address outstanding historical research and analysis needs relating to the Agency’s mission to account for military personnel lost in conflicts back to WWII.

ECU’s Program in Maritime Studies has recently become a Hub in this program. A research fellow position is being advertised in support of the program to be based in Greenville, NC at ECU.

The DPAA Fellow will have the following responsibilities:
• Initiate a research agenda and contribute to the historical and archaeological scholarship on unaccounted-for service personnel (e.g., missing in action, killed with no body returned, or prisoners of war that did not return).
• Facilitate historical and archaeological research to conduct geospatial analysis of available primary sources to define prioritization of historical events and provide a defined search grid and survey plan to locate prioritized underwater loss incidents identified by DPAA.
• Build and manage a network of constituencies involved in underwater archaeology who can contribute to on-going research on POWs/MIAs.
• Communicate with DPAA Fellows at other institutions to build effective scholarly collaboration on POW/MIA research issues. Other institutions include The University of Wisconsin, Brigham Young University, Tuskegee University, and Scripps Oceanographic Institute.
• Teach a course per year on underwater archaeology and/or battlefield archaeology.

Closes 11/27/2017.

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