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My name is Aida Roman, I am the course coordinator at Sanisera Archaeology Institute for International Field Schools. We are a cultural archaeological institute based in Menorca(Spain), that works in different sites of the world. Our institution collaborates with universities from United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Canada in order to enrich or complement their students experience and knowledge. Please don’t hesitate to check the courses we offer by clicking on the link below:


As you can see we offer courses in several categories as Underwater Archaeology, GIS, Bioarchaeology, Classical Archaeology, Conservation…all of them during the summer.

We think that it would be a perfect chance for the students since they can improve their skills and knowledge, get credits or even participate in important archaeological finds.

We would appreciate if you could you inform us on the process to follow to be a part of your Field School program.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Aida Roman

Course Coordinator

Sanisera Archaeology Institute 

for International Field Schools

Webpage: http://archaeology.institute

Email: sanisera@arrakis.es

Phone: +1 347 8710963



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