Underwater Remote Sensing RFP

Underwater Remote Sensing Survey of Laulau Bay, Saipan, CNMI

This project involves conducting a systematic remote-sensing survey of Laulau Bay and vicinity. Contractor will perform systematic remote sensing of project area using appropriate remote sensing equipment, including side scan sonar and magnetometer sensors coupled with GPS position-fixing equipment. Contractor will also conduct detailed remote sensing or diver “ground-truthing” on selected targets, in consultation with HPO, to identify and evaluate the targets for NRHP eligibility. Contractor will also make management recommendations for identified resources and groups of resources that may or may not be identified by the survey.

The project area stretches from due east of Isleta Maigo Luao (Forbidden Island), around the interior of the embayment, to Puntan Dandan (Dandan Point). Remote sensing survey should be conducted from the edge of the reef to 180m (600 ft.) depth. Total area to be surveyed is approximately 7 square kilometers. High-probability targets should be further investigated with diver survey or high-resolution acoustic imaging, as deemed appropriate after consultation with HPO. Diver survey should be limited to basic diagnostic photographs and/or sketches, and may be performed in conjunction with HPO staff.

Due March 7, Questions due February 23.

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