HFF Bursaries to attend Maritime Archaeology Conference

The Honor Frost Foundation is very pleased to announce their intention to support bursaries for early career students and scholars to attend the HFF Conference in Cyprus in October 2017.

Twelve places are offered in support of scholars from the eastern Mediterranean region (as defined on the HFF web site: http://honorfrostfoundation.org/grants/ )

Support is provided for: 

Accommodation for all 12 people to a max of £200 per person

Flights for 7 people to travel to Cyprus to max of £300 per person

Successful applicants are expected to either present a poster, abstracts for which will be accepted up until the deadline for applications outline below; OR have successfully submitted an abstract for a paper presentation.

Applicants should send a covering letter and a CV pointing out why they believe themselves to be eligible in terms of the relevance of their research to the conference.

Deadline for applications is February 28th

Please submit applications to Dr Blue at the HFF email address: lucyblue@honorfrostfoundation.org

See details of the Conference

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