Marine Archaeology Intern

The intern will have the opportunity to support two of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (BOEM)’s historic preservation program initiatives under the direct supervision of the bureau’s Deputy Preservation Officer, and alongside the bureau’s twelve marine and terrestrial archaeologists.

Initially, the intern will be responsible for finalizing and submitting National Register of Historic Places Nominations for several historic shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico that were identified via oil and gas remote sensing surveys and further studied through our Environmental Studies Program. Nominating historic properties to the National Register is a Federal agency responsibility under Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act and ensures full bureau compliance with the intent of the Act. Initial tasking will include reviewing the research previously conducted and survey data collected; reviewing progress made on preparing the nomination materials; conducting additional needed archival research; applying the National Register criteria to the historic property; finalizing the nomination forms; and drafting correspondence to the Keeper of the National Register nominating the property. No previous experience with these processes or tasking is required; training and direction will be provided by BOEM’s professional archaeological staff.

Additionally, the intern may support the preparation of Tribal information sheets to assist BOEM’s Tribal Consultation Team. BOEM has responsibilities under Executive Order 13175, Secretarial Order 3317, and the National Historic Preservation Act to consult with Federally-recognized Native American Tribes in a government-to-government fashion. In order to prepare for consultations, BOEM’s Tribal Consultation Team frequently conducts research and updates its understanding of a particular tribe’s governance structure, the history of the tribe’s interactions with the Department of the Interior, the tribe’s interests and concerns as they relate to BOEM’s mission, and any other relevant information available to support successful consultations. This research is collected in an information sheet to help prepare BOEM’s decision-makers for consultation. If time allows, the intern may be tasked with conducting archival and online research and drafting information sheets using a template. No previous experience with these processes or tasking is required; training and direction will be provided by BOEM’s tribal liaison representatives.

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