Director, Maritime History Center

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Director, Maritime History Center
Director, US Naval War College Museum
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor

The Naval War College (NWC) is a Professional Military Education (PME) institution serving the nation, the Department of Defense, and the U.S. Navy.  U.S. graduates earn a Master of Arts degree in National Security & Strategic Studies or in Defense & Strategic Studies, accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  The College has four main missions:  Educate and Develop Leaders; Support Defining the Future Navy and Associated Roles and Missions; Support Combat Readiness; and Strengthen Global Maritime Partnerships.  More information on the College can be found at

Maritime History Center:  The Maritime History Center (MHC) manages and directs the Naval War College’s maritime history research and sea service heritage programs throughout the College.  It serves as the central resource and contact point in matters relating to maritime history and has particular responsibility for implementing and coordinating the College’s research and writing program in this area. The MHC also provides the interface between the NWC, the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC), and the NWC Museum.  The Director of the MHC simultaneously serves as the Director of the NWC Museum and falls under the Dean of Academics.  Additional support to the Center for Naval Warfare Studies, the College of Operational and Strategic Leadership, and International programs in support of the NWC’s four main missions aligns with the core purpose of the MHC and is an integral aspect of the Director’s role.  The MHC works closely with the Ernest J. King Visiting Professor of Maritime History, who serves the College as a senior academic expert in the field of maritime history.
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