Underwater Archaeologist

The University of California, San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography is seeking a new Program Specialist. As a representative of the Coastal Observing R&D Center (CORDC) at the Marine Physical Laboratory, this position will independently coordinate, lead, and manage projects associated with Project Recover; a program to develop and apply underwater science and technology to find historical sites associated with missing US servicemen from previous overseas conflicts. On behalf of CORDC Director, work with sponsors on planning, programming, budgeting and reporting requirements.

On behalf of the CORDC Director, generate and present briefings, written materials, and performance evaluations of test efforts. Represent CORDC (technical staff, Director) to program sponsors providing extensive technical expertise and solutions to complex problems ensuring research and development efforts meet sponsor’s needs. Provide archaeological expertise of historical sites and permitting requirements. Lead diving operations at underwater wreckage sites. Provide support function to sponsors, including the developing of training curricula and outreach materials for technical assessments of underwater sensors, archaeological sites, and test results from complex at-sea study sites.

Conduct independent research and publication of research in peer-reviewed journals. Work with Department of Defense collaborators, scientists, and sponsors in the scoping of joint research sites potential science and technology that the Center could field expeditions, translation of new methodologies, and communication of survey results. Provide technical expertise, including training and development of training curricula in areas of underwater technology, data fusion, information technology, archival research, and applications to underwater archeology.

  • Willing and able to participate in sea cruises or field expeditions, approximately 6 weeks/year.
  • Telecommuting arrangements to be considered if work site is near a DOD facility.
  • Occasional evenings and weekends may be required. Must be willing and able to travel.


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