RFP Shipwreck Conservation

City of Alexandria, Virgina

Request for Proposal 00000621, Conservation of Ship Excavated at 220 South Union Street (44AX229), Alexandria, Virginia

RFP closes on 12 August 2016.

The City has issued this Request for Proposals (RFP) for the sole purpose and intent of
obtaining responsive proposals from archaeological conservators for the conservation and
reconstruction of the timbers of a portion of the hull of a vessel excavated from the
development site for the Indigo Hotel at 220 South Union Street in Alexandria, Virginia.
Alexandrians scuttled part of this wooden, sea-faring vessel in the late 18th century in an
effort to extend the shoreline to the deeper channel of the Potomac River and create a
viable international port.

This single artifact serves as the best representation of the transformation in the early
City’s history from small port town to international harbor in colonial times.
Conservation and interpretation of this hull fragment will reveal details of 18th century
ship construction, allow archaeologists to better understand its intended use and itinerary
before being buried, and excite the imagination of visitors about Alexandria’s maritime
past. Its significance derives from the fact that it is the earliest scuttled ship discovered in
the landfill that took place along Alexandria’s coastline during the 18th through the 20th
century. Its high degree of preservation makes it a particularly good candidate for

The goals of the proposed work are to: 1) record the ship using traditional and digital
documentation methodologies; 2) conserve and stabilize the hull timbers and fastenings
using modern and widely-accepted conservation treatment procedures; and 3) build a
support and reconstruct the ship for exhibition.

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