Ohio History Service Corps – Archaeology


The AmeriCorps Member Duties description reads “One Local History Corps member with an archaeology focus will be hosted at the Ohio History Connection in Columbus. The member may assist in the production of public education materials and OAI-related instructional materials for researchers, staff, and students/volunteers. Additional outreach experience may be available through working with other AmeriCorps host sites in developing archaeology programming for their site and updating and enhancing archaeology and maritime heritage information on the State Historic Preservation Office pages of the Ohio History Connection website. The AmeriCorps member will also be encouraged to write educational articles on these projects or other archaeology topics of their choosing for the Archaeology Blog. Applicants must have a college degree in anthropology or archaeology.”

 The person who fills the position will likely be working on a variety of projects, including terrestrial and maritime archaeology outreach, recordation, and collections work. Maritime archaeology will be just one small part of this position and I certainly can’t promise any diving (that all depends on funding and grant awards), but new graduates, especially, may find this position intriguing. If you’re able to post this on your website, I would be very appreciative.

Applications open now.

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