Underwater Archaeologist

This position is established to assist the National Park Service’s Submerged Resources Center with the location, documentation, interpretation and protection of submerged resources throughout the National Park system.  Most of the duties of the position will involve the professional scientific practice of marine remote sensing survey and underwater archeological documentation.

The employment opportunity may involve: specific administrative task/work assignments and a variety of activities and assignments, and working with technical and professional staff in support of office programs and activities to gain practical work experience. Work in parks and assist in the identification of archeological sites to be recorded by the field crew, methods to be used, and final product presentation appropriate to final publication or application as specified by the Project Director.

Under the general guidance of a Principal Investigator, Project Director or other supervisory Archeologist direct archeological survey or excavation crews consisting of one to five GS-03 to GS-05 Archeology Aids or Technicians and one to five laborers or Volunteers In Parks (VIPs). Assist with site recording procedures and tasks, including assisting in the preparation of archeological survey records such as site maps, photographs, surface artifact analysis forms, and field notes.

Assist with marine remote sensing operations in parks. Assist with planning and logistics in advance of fieldwork, and then equipment maintenance, tracking, and light repair, as well as data organization, analysis and report writing after fieldwork has concluded. Assist in analyzing general site features or artifact types, and specific attributes of each feature or artifact types, for one of the following categories of remains: Architectural features, Environmental context recording, Cargo-related features, Ceramics and other diagnostic artifacts, (range of general features or artifact types is moderate to wide; range of specific attributes is small). Direct artifact sampling procedures, and provides general assistance to lower level crew members in recordation other site features or artifact types.

Closes 20 May.

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