Italian Ministry of Education Underwater Archaeologist

The research program includes:

1.Collection and analysis of surface and underwater archaeological data, for the study of the territory.

2.Reconstruction of the fluvial landscape in the classical and post-classical period: identification of the elements characterising the morphology of the territory; possible paleoenvironmental changes due to climate change and the impact of human activity.

3.Analysis of the dynamics of settlement and land use of the Stella river, with particular attention to the links between river, lagoon and nautical transport.

4.Preparation of an archaeological map of the Stella river.

5.The preparation of an English-language monograph concerning the human occupancy of the area, to be published in an international series after a double blind peer-review. The said monograph need not be finished by the end of the three-year period, but the relevant scientific data must have been collected and partially elaborated.

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