Underwater Archaeology Intern

Biscayne National Park is seeking a 10-­week intern who will serve as a member of the archaeological dive and field team during the summer of 2016. The intern’s primary duties will be as field staff and as a dive buddy to the Park archaeologist and/or archaeological technician. The intern will participate in underwater evaluation and documentation of archaeological remains and will work in the park’s conservation lab, conducting supervised treatments on any artifacts recovered during archaeological investigations. The intern will be expected to write a chapter or section of the project report on the history of the wreck studied or another aspect of the field or lab work conducted.

The Internship is being provided by the Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP). LIHP is a paid summer internship program organized by the National Park Service, Hispanic Access Foundation, and Environment for the Americas with the goal of engaging the next generation of conservation stewards. The program raises awareness of our national parks and historic sites, their accessibility, and the need for the Latino community’s involvement in their preservation. Highly motivated Latino undergraduate and graduate students (youth aged 18-35) will be selected to work alongside NPS historians, interpreters, archaeologists, architects, and curators on projects in different park units, offices, and historical sites throughout the US.

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