Architect or Civil Engineer for work on the Kyrenia Shipwreck Gallery

Very cool project to get involved in!

UNDP PFF has been running projects in the field of Cultural Heritage for the past 5 years in partnership with the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage and within the framework of the EU Aid Package to the Turkish Cypriot Community in Cyprus.

The Kyrenia Shipwreck represents the formative years of maritime archaeology in the Mediterranean and, since its exhibition in the early 1970s, the island of Cyprus to the world. In recognition of the importance of this collection to the people of Cyprus, under the auspices of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, the European Commission is working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Honor Frost Foundation to implement a series of improvements to upgrade the Kyrenia Shipwreck Gallery within the Kyrenia Castle.

As part of this conservation/stabilization programme, the UNDP is seeking the services of an architect/engineer specialized in exhibition spaces design within historic buildings for the project preparation and implementation.

Architect/Civil Engineer – Specialized Consultant (Kyrenia Shipwreck Gallery), Kyrenia, Cyprus.