2015 In-Situ Conservation Field School

2015 Flinders University In-Situ Conservation Field School

Please click on website (http://www.flinders.edu.au/ehl/archaeology/fieldwork/field-schools/conservation-field-school/) for more details for the In-Situ Conservation Field School in September 2015. This course is open to non-Flinders students and is the cost of 4.5 units of post-graduate tuition.

This course is an intensive introduction to materials science, deterioration processes in marine environments, pre-disturbance conservation surveys, in-situ conservation and stabilisation, recovery, initial storage, stabilisation and transportation of artefacts, and the storage and display of conserved artefacts. It is designed to provide students with a general theoretical and practical background to archaeological conservation for both marine and terrestrial environments. It should also equip archaeologists with the appropriate conservation knowledge and skills necessary for the effective management of submerged cultural heritage.


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