Nautical Archaeology Society Field School

Expanding its reputation as the leader in Nautical Archaeology education in the Great Lakes, Northwestern Michigan College will host a Nautical Archaeology Society 2015 International Field School.

This two week event will be held on the main campus between July 12th and July 26th. . It will consist of taught courses and the supervised archaeological survey of a historic shipwreck in Northport, Grand Traverse Bay and an early Archaic site on the shore of an inland lake. This is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in underwater archaeology to train with NAS instructors and students from around the world.

Week one consists of an introduction to foreshore and underwater archaeology and the supervised survey of either a dry-land or underwater archaeological site. The second week consists of a series of day-long specialty courses covering topics such as: archaeological surveying, artifact typology, ship and boat construction, flint knapping, Native American settlement in northwest Michigan, documentary research, underwater archaeological surveying and archaeological illustration. These courses are open to anyone interested and no previous experience is necessary.

For more details please visit:

Dr. Mark W. Holley
111 E. Front Street
Ovid, MI 48866