Youth Diving With a Purpose Scholarship Underwater Archaeology Program

In 2015 Youth Diving With a Purpose (YDWP) underwater archaeology program will conduct its third training session from Saturday, July 17 through Sunday, July 25 2015. YDWP III will be a rewarding experience for the youth participants.

Upon completion of the course, each participant willhave achieved the basic requirements for underwater archaeology and receive a YDWP certificate and a PADI certification card verifying your accomplishment.

Two scholarships will be awarded to eligible participants that complete the scholarship requirements. These scholarships are
dedicated to the memory of the late Charles R. Anderson, the younger brother of YDWP Lead Instructor Kamau Sadiki.
Charles was a dedicated student of zoology, both terrestrial and marine life. His fascinations of biology at an early age
lead him to study zoology at Howard University. He worked in animal research at the National Institute of Health until
his early death in 2002.

The Charles R. Anderson YDWP Scholarship will cover all expenses associated with YDWP III. This includes
registration fee, airfare, transportation, housing and meals. Two Charles R. Anderson YDWP scholarships will be
awarded to eligible applicants as determined by the DWP Executive Board.

These scholarships are for new YDWP applicants only. Returning YDWP’ers are not eligible to apply.