Underwater Archaeologist

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Underwater Archaeologist, Trenton, NJ


Must have knowledge of the theory and method of archeological research and knowledge of the theory and method of professional research diving in order to blend archeological and research diving skills into a meaningful submerged cultural resource management program. Such knowledge is used to assist in planning, carrying out, and evaluating submerged cultural resources and assist in studies and assessing the value and quality of investigative results; and to evaluate the significance and proper management or interpretive treatment of submerged archeological resources. A professional knowledge of anthropological and archeological theory, methods, and techniques is required so that the incumbent comprehends the reasons for implementing field and archeological sampling techniques. Knowledge of marine architecture and maritime history. Must be able to conduct library research on general and specific topics related to marine history, vessel history, general and economic history and archeological method and past work. Knowledge of the study of submerged landscapes for identification of pre-Contact archaeological resources. Ability to use and interpret the results of a variety of diagnostic and test equipment such as voltmeters, ohmmeters, intermediate pressure gauges, etc. to solve in-field equipment problems Ability to plan, supervise/direct, and complete marine remote sensing archeological projects within the scope and specifications provided by the project director or higher level archeologist. Ability to gather accurate and precise remote sensing survey data from marine contexts via use of hardware such as side scan sonar, single or multibeam echo sounders, magnetometers and bottom classification instruments