Underwater Archaeologist

Underwater Archaeologist
Limited Term Employee – LTE
Location: Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS)

816 State Street Madison, Wisconsin
County: Dane
Type of Employment: Full-time (40 hours per week). Work hours are flexible between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, evening and weekend work required.
Salary: $14.00 per hour

Contact: John Broihahn, 608-264-6496, john.broihahn@wisconsinhistory.org

Deadline to Apply: Applications materials will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. (CDT) Monday, April 14, 2014.

The Maritime Preservation and Archaeology Program of the Wisconsin Historical Society is seeking an Underwater Archaeologist. This position will work under a lead worker maritime archaeologist and other archaeologists in the Division of Historic Preservation-Public History to preserve the maritime archaeological legacy of Wisconsin.
This position will conduct underwater archaeological fieldwork in tandem with the lead worker maritime archaeologist under the direction of the State Archaeologist. They will be assigned tasks by the lead worker maritime archaeologist and will carry them out with the assistance of volunteers or other archaeologists. The applicant must have knowledge and experience in conducting underwater archaeological diving operations; use of manual underwater mapping equipment; operation of electronic surveying and remote-sensing equipment; operation of research vessels and project vehicles. The applicant is responsible for daily completion of field tasks, project notes and maps, and for basic maintenance of project equipment.

This position will also be involved in development of interpretive materials, preparation of materials for the program’s Web sites, public programing, and installing and maintaining historic shipwreck moorings.

A Well Qualified Candidate Will Have: Bachelor’s degree in Archeology Experience conducting historical research Experience writing reports based upon archaeological and archival research.  Experience with archeological project coordination Ability to train volunteers and staff.  Knowledge of Great Lakes maritime history and Great Lakes ship construction.

This position requires extensive travel for fieldwork, presentations, and meetings. These activities usually include some weekend and evening hours. The position also requires the ability to conduct underwater archaeological surveys in cold water environments at depths ranging from 0.0 to 275.0 feet.
A criminal background check will be conducted prior to an offer of employment.

Requirements: As outlined by Technical Diving International standards, all applicants must have at a minimum a Divemaster certification, a Drysuit Diver certification, and a Nitrox Diver certification.
The ideal candidate will have Closed Circuit Rebreather certifications that include Air Diluent CCR, Air Diluent Decompression CCR, Mixed Gas Diluent CCR, and Advanced Mixed Gas Diluent CCR as described by the Technical Diving International standards [Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Diving], or equivalent standards.
If the applicant does not have the Closed Circuit Rebreather certifications as outlined above, continued employment is contingent upon obtaining the certifications within three (3) months of hire.

Due to project scheduling requirements and limited staffing, the employee must plan to complete the diving requirements outside of the regular work schedule. Costs associated with the certifications are the responsibility of the employee. Completing the certifications in a timely manner is a requirement of employment as is maintaining the certifications.

How to Apply:
Please provide a letter of interest, a resume, copies of the appropriate certifications, and if appropriate a plan to achieve additional certifications by email to:
John H. Broihahn
State Archaeologist
State Archaeology and Maritime Preservation
Division of Historic Preservation-Public History
Wisconsin Historical Society
816 State Street
Madison WI 53706
608-264-6504 FAX

The Wisconsin Historical Society is an equal opportunity employer.