ForSEAdiscovery projects

1) Developing dendro-archaeological approaches in Nautical Archaeology: integration of ring studies, dendrochronology and timber morphology (3D CAD) for the reconstruction of past forestry practice and exploitation.

2) The PhD project entitled ‘Application of ecological wood anatomy for provenancing oak and pine wood from Atlantic Iberia’ will be carried out as 4-year PhD project at the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group at Wageningen University. The project is linked to the interdisciplinary EU project ForSEAdiscovery.  ForSEAdiscovery is an integrated training programme and aims at combining academic research on the History of shipbuilding, trade networks, Dendro-Archaeology, Wood biology, Forestry and Wood/Timber provenance. The focus of this PhD project is on wood anatomy, dendrochronology and forest ecology. The originality addresses the use of wood anatomical characteristics – possibly also in combination with isotopes and genetic traits – as tool to exactly detect the provenance of timber used for ship building. The PhD has a strong ecological component, mainly related to elaborating wood formation in pine and oak in relation to specific environmental conditions.

3) Reconstructing timber in Spanish-Atlantic shipbuilding – treatise and archaeology.

4) The Dendro-archaeology of Portuguese ships of the Early Modern Period.