30 October 2013

1) Dean, Center for Naval Warfare Studies, Naval War College, closes 1/17/14

The Dean of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies (CNWS) serves as the Chief Research Officer of the College and is responsible to the President and Provost for the effective execution of the Colleges function to help the Navys leadership define the future Navy and its role in national security. The Chairs of the following departments report to the Dean:  War Gaming, International Law, Strategic Research, Warfare Analysis & Research, NWC Press, and Maritime History.

CNWS is the primary research organization of the Naval War College and conducts both independent and sponsored research. Its focus is primarily on matters of naval warfare, maritime strategy, national military strategy, international law, and national security strategy. The purpose of this research is to help the President of the Naval War College serve as a source of independent, long-term assessment for the Chief of Naval Operations and senior Navy commanders and their planners. The identification of the issues to be studied and the priority accorded to the research efforts to support this objective are determined in consultation with the President and the Provost.

2) Research Administrator, Maritime Archaeology

* Maritime Archaeology/Geology degree or equivalent
* Previous experience within a research role is desirable but not essential
* An eye for detail and ability to complete projects and keep to deadlines

3) Marine Science Educator and Deckhand (Maritime History), closes 15 December

4) Historic Site Manager, CSS Neuse, closes November 5

Historic Site Manager III position is located at the CSS Neuse Interpretive Center and Governor Richard Caswell Memorial in Kinston. This leadership position is responsible for the supervision, preservation, program development and operation of two sites: the new CSS Neuse Interpretive Center and the Governor Richard Caswell Memorial. Work will include development and implementing operational and interpretive plans and include developing community support; maintaining a strong volunteer program; conducting visitor services and presentations on and off-site; coordinating budget and purchasing; conducting research; maintaining the remains of the Civil War ironclad CSS Neuse, Civil War interpretive center and exhibits, Governor Caswell family cemetery and Visitor Center, planning events and directly supervising five full-time staff members.

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