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Albanian Underwater Archaeology Field Schools and AAUS Scientific Diving Course

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1) The Illyrian Coastal Exploration Program would like to invite individuals interested in Mediterranean archaeology to apply for the 2013 underwater sciences field school. Set along the beautiful Dalmatian coast from July 8-21, the course spends one week each in Croatia and Montenegro. The field school is hosted by the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar in collaboration with RPM Nautical Foundation and Transylvania University.
Students will work with the international team to learn the basics of underwater archaeology and coastal ecology. This course is suitable for beginners, especially undergraduates and masters students. Participants will learn survey methods, underwater recording, and help with ongoing research, as well as gain exposure to advanced methods through a visit to the deep sea research vessel Hercules to see its ROV system. The field school will dive on shipwrecks dating from the 4th century BC through modern times and students will get to see artifacts from many different periods. Though the field school is a general survey of maritime archaeology topics, students will leave with a good understanding of the fundamental theories and practical techniques used by archaeologists.
Application: http://www.illyriancoast.org/
Dates: July 8-21
Cost: $2000 (optional university credit available for additional fee)
Application Deadline: May 1

2) A second ten day field school is offered through the Albanian Center for Marine Research from July 23-August 2. This field school will explore the fantastic shipwrecks of southern Albania, ranging from the 5th century BC through World War II. Albania offers untouched submerged cultural heritage due to the former communist government’s complete restriction on diving, making Albanian diving today similar to 1950s Mediterranean diving at large. Students and staff will be housed in small local hotel in Saranda, directly across from Corfu and near the Butrint UNESCO World Heritage Site. To promote maritime archaeology capacity in the region, preference will be given to student from the Balkan region.
Application: http://albaniamarinecenter.org/pages/education.html
Dates: July 23-August 2
Cost: $1000 (optional university credit available for additional fee)
Application Deadline: May 1

3) The Center is also offering an AAUS scientific diving course. If you are looking to upgrade your recreational/sport diver certification in order to work or help out on university projects, AAUS scientific diving teaches “everything but the hard hat.” After this course you won’t just be a diver, you will know how to work safely underwater. This intensive course will be from June 20-July 3 in beautiful southern Albania.
Application: http://albaniamarinecenter.org/pages/education.html
Dates: June 20-July3
Cost: $1000
Application Deadline: May 1


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